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Sebastiano Cassinelli, Partner

Sebastiano is an entrepreneur and investor, and brings his business experience to support Mens Wisdom Work’s growth. He is a principal of several privately held businesses with long histories and deep roots in the US and the British Virgin Islands.

Sebastiano experienced deep inner healing and transformation through Mens Wisdom Work’s training, and he’s dedicated to sharing this work with other men to help them cultivate presence, vulnerability, and an open heart in the face of life’s challenges. He believes in the power of brotherhood, and has witnessed the healing that comes from connection and a sense of belonging.

He is a graduate of Mens Wisdom Work’s Men’s Coach Training and New Masculine Programs. He works as a Facilitator and Pod Leader in our New Masculine Program and Community Men’s Groups.

Sebastiano has also been a leader in the areas of urban planning and historic district revitalization in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Sebastiano studied English Literature as an undergrad and graduated from Boston University School of Law.

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