Men’s Coaching Mastery Supervision

Being a coach is really nothing special, but being an extraordinary coach is something altogether different.

Being an extraordinary coach means you have done the deep work yourself and possess remarkable qualities that allow you to see what your clients don’t and approach it with a uniquely present, empathetic, and insightful approach.

If you are a beginning coach who desires to deeply excel in your craft, you must get consistent feedback on your coaching.

If you are an experienced, established coach, you may have become stagnant or even complacent in how you approach your coaching.

Just as a coach expects their client to take risks, live and practice at their edge, and learn to be with the discomfort that comes with growth skillfully, so should that coach do the same.

The Coaching Mastery Supervision will give you insight that most coaches rarely get.

A deep dive into your art of coaching.

What You Get

  • Five deep dive Coaching Supervision sessions with a master-level coach.
  • The sessions vary between 45- 60 minutes, depending on how much feedback the student desires.
  • These sessions will be done through a real-time video review of your coaching session with your client OR a guest client we provide through the Men’s Wisdom Works community.

What you will REALLY get

  • In the session, you will get laser-focused feedback on how you may be short-changing your client from the outcomes they deserve.
  • You will get the feedback needed to bring the core competencies needed to become a more sought-after and highly effective coach.
  • Ultimately, through this process, you will cultivate more ease, depth, awareness, and insight into your embodiment of being an extraordinary coach.

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