Power and Presence Men’s Intensive

A Journey Into The Heart Of Men’s Work

Join us in this 4-day journey into the depths of embodied men’s work.

This incredibly unique experience will incorporate a comprehensive approach including traditional eastern mindfulness practices, trauma informed healing work, advanced breath practice, spiritual psychology, embodied relational practices and cutting edge men’s work.

Sept 28th – Oct 1st 2023, Calabasas, California

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*Food and lodging not included, but assistance will be provided in both.

This immersion will offer an extraordinary space and opportunity to play at the edge of your growth.

Masterful guidance and compassionate support will help you cultivate greater emotional maturity, more authentic confidence in your intimate relationships & leadership, and inspire a deeper connection to your mission and purpose.

These four days will give you a renewed strength in your nervous system, which will support you in living with a more open heart, confidence, and deeper connection to authentic nature.

In this INTENSIVE you will:

  • Initiate yourself into a brotherhood of other men powerful men that will challenge out of mediocrity and into the healthy transmission of the deep masculine.
  • Push the edge of your nervous system & experience an unwavering power that will reverberate with life changing results in every area of your life.
  • Enter the domain of masculine / feminine dynamics with mastery practices that clarify and empower your masculine essence.
  • Expand your emotional capacity to handle the challenges that show up in intimacy, sex and relationship.
  • Transform accumulated stress into the energy of decisive action.
  • Cultivate authentic confidence and trust that emanates from your inner power.
  • Amplify deeper layers of your masculine core, the one that connects you to the root of your heart and will power.
  • Learn to transform fear and anger into a healthy expression of love.
  • Learn how to use your sexual energy for manifesting and materializing your current life purpose.



*Space is limited- register ASAP to reserve your spot!

Join a group of like-minded men choosing to live with more depth and a commitment to the path of authentic being, over 4 full days of powerful men’s work.

Space is limited!

*To ensure a dynamic and truly life-changing experience for every single participant, this is an application-based intensive. Once enrolled, you will be asked to fill out an application so we can get a feel for where you are at. If necessary, we reserve the right to refund any registered participant and suggest other more appropriate programs if we determine this intensive is not a good fit.