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We have a growing community of like-minded men gathering in brotherhood to experience the power of men’s deep inner work.

You don’t have to suffer in silence. You don’t have to go at it alone. You don’t have to “just keep it together” and pretend you’re OK when you heart really desires support.

No Judgement

This drop-in men’s group is geared specifically for men who are: 

  • In need of a safe, judgment-free space to share about their internal challenges with relationships, sexuality, money, confidence, and purpose
  • Seeking brotherhood and connection with other men who are on a path of personal development and inner growth
  • Hungry for radical change in their lives and willing to stretch out of their comfort zones to achieve greater fulfillment and purpose in their lives
  • Open and willing to receive honest, constructive feedback in support of their growth

More Than Just A Typical Men’s Group

You will also be challenged into honest self-inquiry and practice that will support you in having a more loving, clear, and honest relationship with yourself.  This group will offer you not only a safe space to share but also the opportunity to receive raw, honest, and critical feedback from like-minded brothers on the path.

This is a safe, sacred, and potent container held by trained Men’s Wisdom Work practitioners who are deeply dedicated to their growth and personal practices.

Our unique facilitation process is rooted in ancient wisdom traditions (with emphasis on mindfulness and embodiment practices, not dogma or concepts) fused with modern men’s work.

Our intention with this group is to offer a container where men feel safe to vulnerably open, to courageously share, and to compassionately witness.  This creates a potent cauldron of transformation.

Our Context

We hold a space for men to immerse themselves in the transmission of modern healthy masculinity.

Deep Brotherhood

Join a global community of conscious men from all walks of life to experience the power of brotherhood. A unique transformational experience that happens when you are witnessed by other conscious men who have your back and hold you in loving judgment-free regard.

Open to all men

This group is open to all self-identified men from all backgrounds, races, sexual orientations, and beliefs.

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This group is open to all self-identified men from all backgrounds, races, sexual orientations, and beliefs. By joining, you agree to our terms, disclaimer, and community guidelines.