Zat Baraka

Tyler Rosano

Having grown up in the Bay Area, I was exposed to the all-or-nothing, competitive nature of this environment from a young age. I also grew up in a household that was loving but filled with the emotional rollercoaster brought on by living with an alcoholic parent and ceaseless financial struggle. As a result, I found myself struggling with confidence, anxiety, and depression in my earlier years which eventually transformed into addiction. Addiction to substances, addiction to success, addiction to the need to be liked and accepted. I brought an exhausting all-or-nothing mentality to every area of my life creating a never-ending cycle of pleasure and pain. It wasn’t until I almost lost everything including my own life that I realized what had been preventing me from having the life I really wanted. I realized that no matter how much I achieved and how much recognition I got, it was all meaningless until I could learn to love and accept myself the way I was, my faults, weaknesses, and strengths alike. This realization changed my life. I was no longer limited by my past because I didn’t let it define me.
This is now my mission in life, to support those who struggle to accept themselves enough to show up authentically and fully in the most meaningful areas of their lives. To support those who feel burnt out and stuck reconnect with their mental and physical strength and energy to embark on a path of true meaning. To learn that what they need deep down is not selfish of a pipe dream but a core piece of who they are and that it is okay.
I support my clients with 30 years of wisdom derived from 7 certifications in health, nutrition, and life coaching as well as the personal conquering of many challenging life situations. I have also worked as a coach in the Bay Area for over 10 years of my life serving hundreds of people. Most importantly, I am living my truth which is following a path of alignment and allowing my personal gifts to serve those who are ready to live a life of elevated alignment and step into self-mastery, fearless authenticity, and life purpose alignment. “

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