The New Masculine Program

A life-changing 6-week online personal growth journey for men.

Registration is closed for the Summer session. Please join the waitlist for our Fall session.

Training men on the mastery path of authentic confidence, masculine embodiment, integrity, and conscious intimacy.

Courageously enter the training ground

This is not your average training.

This is not just another personal growth program.

This is a high integrity, deep inner work training for men.

The New Masculine Program has supported hundreds of men around the globe to rekindle the fire of their purpose, decondition their limiting habits, radically shift intimate relationships and manifest their dreams in a powerful way.

Every man, on some level, is sabotaging his own life with bullshit that doesn’t serve him.

We’re all taught to believe we should figure out life on our own… 

That we shouldn’t ask for or even need guidance in the realms of our relationships, money, sex, or purpose along the way.

So we “man up” and go it alone.

It’s only when we find ourselves once again living in a chaos of our own making that we finally accept that through support and the power of brotherhood, we can affect greater and more radical change than we ever could have on our own.

The New Masculine Program is your invitation to stop trying to figure it all out by yourself and awaken to your full potential as a conscious man.

We need more men in the world committed to strength and vulnerability

The 6-Week Journey

Join us as we transform our old fear-based conditioning, fiercely and lovingly call each other out with honesty, cultivate our capacity to be with modern-day challenges, and embody a deeper, more resonant healthy masculinity.



Power & Confidence

Move from a need for external validation to calmly standing in your own authentic power and confidence.


Overcoming Fear

Learn practices and tools to help you overcome fear, self-doubt, and self-judgment, no matter what life throws at you


Strong Relationships

Relate to women and other men with skillfulness, confidence and a solid sense of self


Living Fully Embodied

Learn how to live fully connected to your heart AND your balls and break out of the prisons in your head


Insight & Self-Awareness

Engage in inner-work and practices to develop insight and positive self-awareness



Move beyond your insecurities to experience life from a place of deep clarity and attractive moment-by-moment decisiveness


A Thrilling Life At Your Edge

Learn how to lovingly AND effectively push yourself to give your unique gifts to others and the world



Learn to see men as allies, not competition, as you experience the power of real brotherhood with men you trust

What Men Have Said

It is hard for me to convey the depth of growth I have achieved through the New Masculine Program.

It’s a focused process that enables a man who is ready to grow and break through the barriers that have held him back. In my case, I discovered and faced many false beliefs that were deeply embedded when I was a child and woven into the entire fabric of my personality.
Facing the shadows that were revealed to me through the NMP process wasn’t easy–but I had reached a place in my life where I was tired of all the ways they held me back.

This work has been the cornerstone of new clarity and connectedness that has improved literally all areas of my life. It’s about time men had a place like this to go to discover what it really means to be a man.

Thank You Men’s Wisdom Work and Zat for all you do!

Mike R

I’m so grateful for this program. It’s stretched me in ways that are going to serve me for the rest of my life.

The New Masculine Program created a safe space for me to deeply embody the man that I truly am.

This level of embodiment is SO important. It spills over into every area of my life: My relationship is, more than ever, filled with ease and it inspires me deeply. I’m confident in who I am as a man and I feel sexy, attractive. I’ve learned that I get to own my deepest desires and ask for exactly what I want in every area of my life. I’ve learned that I get to fully express my sexual nature and that this is not just ok, but that women crave it

Robert S

Whoa…This sh*t is REAL. If you are thinking of diving into the New Masculine Program,

Make sure you are prepared to have a massive shift in your perspective, and a massive shift in your life’s vision. I do not say this lightly. Whether you are ready for change or not, this program is designed so brilliantly that you have no choice but to enter the next level of your consciousness.

I am a more intuitive, understanding, and more compassionate man. And that’s the God’s honest truth..

Patrick C

I had an incredible experience in The New Masculine Program. It was a really a brotherhood of conscious men. I was gently pushed to my edges – and as a result I feel more powerful, compassionate, and whole. I’m so grateful for this experience and the community of support, some of whom will be lifelong friends.

Because of this program, I am more confident in my unique expression of masculinity. I more readily see other men as allies rather than threats. I have less fear, greater determination, and a calling to play a huge game in my business, in my relationship, and in life.

Peter R

After taking the New Masculine Program, I am finally able to trust myself and step into my power.

I used to second guess my desires and become bogged down with self-doubt. Now I feel more confident and more decisive in what I want in my life. The experience provided the safe container I needed to let my voice be heard and the deepest parts of myself be expressed. I would absolutely recommend this life-changing experience to any man wanting more in his life.

Jonny E

The New Masculine Program has been extremely transformative in how I view and approach my intimate relationships, my business life, and how I relate to myself.

The deep inner work combined with a down-to-earth and practical approach combined with the live support from other men was a very powerful experience. The brilliant program design immediately helped me to be more authentic in my relationship with my wife and kids and has changed my approach to giving feedback permanently.

For men wanting to grow into their best selves, I have, and will continue to recommend this program.

Nick H
Executive Coach

I am so very grateful for the community of men that I’ve met, it’s really a brotherhood of conscious men.

I know this will continue to support my ongoing personal growth work. I also must mention the amazing insights I gained from the expert guest speakers that delivered some potent food for thought.

I am extremely glad that I participated in this program and would highly recommend it to any man looking for a deeper sense of fulfillment, passion and purpose in his life.

Abhishek K

Program Logistics


  • Live 90-120 min Weekly Group Sessions
  • 6 Weeks of Potent Inner Work, Practices, and Assignments
  • Live Guided Small Pod Group Calls By a Trained Leader (optional)
  • Accountability Partnership With Another Brother (optional)
  • Access to Materials for 6 Months
  • Private Course Community

Dates & times of Group Sessions:

  • Weekly calls on Saturdays at 10:00 AM PDT starting June 11th, 2021. Note: No call on July 4th weekend.

Other considerations:

  • Group sessions are recorded and sent out in case you can’t make it live
  • Pod Group calls occur based on a majority decision (an optional extra)
  • Accountability Partner calls are decided by each partnership (an optional extra)

Program Leaders

Pod Leaders Past & Present

Past Amazing Guest Teachers Include:

Marianne Williamson

Rich Litvin

Kyle Cease

Eva Clay

Charles Eisenstein

Akah Jackson


Layla Martin, Jayson Gaddis, Bryan Reeves, Daniel Vitalis, Bill Kauth, Robert Kandell & Tommy Rosen