Inner Work

Men’s Wisdom Work

Training men on the mastery path of authentic confidence, masculine embodiment, conscious leadership, and relational intimacy.

We are living in a pivotal time, where men around the world hear the call to wake-up out of the confusion about what it means to be a man. This work is not a quick fix solution; it is about increasing a man’s capacity to handle the pressure that comes with living life with open heart in all areas of life.

Men’s Wisdom Work is dedicated to providing the extraordinary space for men to do the radical deep inner work needed to become conscious and impactful leaders, fathers, and lovers; and to form life-long bonds of brotherhood.

Our Current Offerings

Men Are Taught To Believe They Should Figure Out Life On Their Own.

That we shouldn’t ask for or even need guidance in the realms of relationships, money, sex, or purpose along the way.

So we “man up” and go at it alone!

In the process, we often shut down our hearts, lose touch with our purpose, and tolerate feeling empty inside. Many of us turn to addictions and distractions to numb out from the pain that comes with living in collapse and contraction.

Our Work

Men’s Wisdom Work supports men around the globe to rekindle the fire of purpose, decondition limiting habits, develop authentic confidence, radically improve their capacity for intimacy, and live a life of practice in the masculine arts.

Our team is diverse in our origins, but singular in our intention to create a better world through bettering ourselves and each other.

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