Our Work

Men are taught to believe they should figure out life on their own.

That we shouldn’t ask for or even need guidance in the realms of our relationships, money, sex, or purpose along the way.

So we “man up” and go at it alone.

In the process, we often shut down our hearts, lose touch with our purpose, and tolerate feeling empty inside.

Many of us turn to addictions and distractions to numb out from the pain that comes with living in collapse and contraction.

Every man, on some level, is sabotaging his own life with bullshit that doesn’t serve him.

There are men all over the world like you who are hungry to embody authentic conscious masculinity and to find the courage to offer their deepest gifts to their families, communities, and the world.

With powerful practices, skillful guidance, and deep brotherhood, we draw influences from traditions of the east and west including modern and Jungian psychology, Tibetan Buddhism, and neuroscience to move men out of the old paradigms, through the “new-age sensitive guy”, and into the fully integrated, embodied and empowered man.

Courageously enter the training ground

This is not just another personal growth program.

This is high integrity, deep inner work training for men.

We need more men in the world who are committed

  • to strength and vulnerability
  • to transparency and sensitivity
  • to refinement and growth
  • to wisdom and action
  • to fearlessly doing the work
  • to expand their capacity to love…even (and especially) when it’s hard.