Ignite The New Year With Gratitude And Devotion

Blessings to you as we cross the threshold into 2022.

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude.

As we look back on 2021 I invite you to enter into the potent practice of gratitude.  You’ve heard it before, I know, but it can’t be overstated.  

Take a moment to do it right now.  

Activate gratitude in your heart.  This is a big part of my own practice right now. 

Gratitude helps lift us out of victimhood and self-judgment and helps create more inner spaciousness, receptivity, and presence. When I activate the feeling of gratitude, I become instantly more connected with myself.

The second part of my year-end practice is paying attention to what I’m clearing out, letting go of, leaving behind, and making peace with.

The third part is paying attention to what I want to create, what I want to grow, and how I want to have a greater impact in the world and be of service. 

Every year I take the time to seed new ideas and possibilities into my awareness. 

For most of us, there is a natural visioning that takes place at the beginning of a New Year. A clean slate. Who we want to be and what we want to experience or achieve are front-and-center in our hearts and minds.  

As a way to further support men in our community, I want to give you my New Year’s ritual practice. It’s simple, but also extremely effective and potent to actualize and manifest what you want to create in your life.  

I have two gifts for you

  • My Ignite Your New Year Ritual Ebook that guides you through the process of creating a potent New Year ritual for yourself. 
  • A short live webinar going over the practice on Tuesday, December 28th, 12 PM PST. This is not a men’s group, so you won’t be required to talk or have your cameras on. Just tune in and get some instruction in the practice. 

If you can’t make the live event don’t worry, you’re welcome to just download the free PDF. Just enter the community and you’ll see a featured post on the homepage. If you don’t see it on the main page, click on “Topics” and then “Webinars.” 

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With Heart,


PS: By joining our community, you will also get access to our free Community Men’s Group. This is a potent container for men to share, receive powerful feedback, and be held in brotherhood.  Our next session meets on January 5th. Check the event page for details.  I would love to see you in our upcoming session.

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