Men’s Winter Solstice Practice w/Zat Baraka

Tuesday 12/21/2021 from 8 AM – 10 AM PST

A Deep Masculine Practice To Initiate The New Year With Vision, Clarity, Direction, And Heart

Brothers, carve out a couple of hours of your day to join us for a Winter Solstice practice & ritual.

  • Release fear through powerful breath practice
  • Activate your creative vision
  • Strengthen your nervous system
  • Find peace in stillness
  • Move beyond limiting mindsets
  • Practices to explore and release limiting patterns in your body

This is a free event open to all self-identified men.

This will be a POWERFUL 2 hrs of somatic and breath practice, release, and visioning practice!

Many cultures around the globe use the end of the year as a time of intentionally releasing both inner and outer obstacles. As well to bring the power of ritual to initiate our vision for the coming year.

Winter Solstice is a potent time for practice.

By practicing in the fertile darkness of the Earth’s Winter, we pause, move into stillness, saturate in the darkness, gather our internal resources and begin to cultivate our inner vision with clarity as the light begins to grow.

Yoga Asana
Inner Work

Solstice is a time for celebration and gathering. Reclaim your commitment to fully giving your gift and living your highest vision within the powerful container of men’s initiation work.

Both beginner and advanced practitioners are welcome.

Join Us On The Mat Tuesday 12/21/2021 from 8 AM – 10 AM PST

Click below to register.

You’ll find all of the event information in our free deep inner work community for men. To join, confirm you identify as a man and agree to our terms. Then, click the button to join the community.

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